The Benefits of Using MOAT
• Save time.
• Simple and Easy to use.
• Simple management reports.
• Eliminate ghost workers or falsely recorded time sheets.
• Protect from false accusation from employees.
• More accurate record keeping.
• Serve as an inventory for PPE and Equipment.
• Precise management of chemicals.
• Assist with work progress assessments.
• Drastically reduces time on monthly report preparation.
• Increase Productivity.
• Increase Outputs / Deliverable’s.
• Decrease Time Loss.
• Real Time Reporting – (If you Cannot View it, then you cannot Measure it, then you cannot control it, then you cannot improve it and you cannot forecast it)!


South Africa needs now, more than ever, a Monitoring and Evaluation system that is robust, simple to use, cost-effective and provides…..
“… no place to hide when taxpayers’ money and donor funds were being deployed.”
“The problem in South Africa is not that we don’t have money for social and economic development, service delivery or critical environmental interventions, it is that the money that is allocated is either misspent or paid out without proven outputs, delivery or productivity,”
“In some instances, 50% of the work is not undertaken and, the work that is done, is, often, not completed to contractual requirements. The vision was to develop a system that ensured there was no place to hide when taxpayers’ money and donor funds were being deployed.”
“The Work Impi module, deployed within municipal projects and the Non-profit sector, has, in some cases within well-run projects, improved productivity by 20%, ensured participants are properly and safely equipped and has reduced incorrect attendance and mileage claims. Imagine the improvement to water security, biodiversity and service delivery if all the thousands of EPWP teams, similarly, improved their outputs, time management, financial tracking and record keeping.”